Safeguarding diversity to sustain our planet.

Life cannot exist without biodiversity, but the dominating industrial food system is engaged. Around the world, 75% of edible plant species have now become extinct while three cereals—wheat, rice, and corn—make up 60% of our food production. Our future depends on defending the diversity of plants and animals: learning lessons about what we have lost to focus on what we can save.

Slow Food was the first to consider food products and production techniques as integral aspects of biodiversity, in need of protection. Our conservation of food biodiversity by promoting agroecological practices and sustainable consumption choices is what sets our movement apart.

  • Our Goals

    Research and catalog the heritage of food-related diversity as an expression of territory and identify the people who protect this heritage;
    Support and promote those who preserve biodiversity and act as caretakers of local territories; those who use agroecological techniques and sustainable animal farming practices that respect animal welfare; those who manage the resources of the oceans, rivers, and lakes without overexploiting them; those who promote an agricultural model that can stop the spread of monocultures and intensive farming, as well as the concentration of power in just a few hands;
    Create opportunities for dialogue and exchange (commercial and otherwise) between those who work to bring food from “farm to table”, as well as with consumers.
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